Author: Jim Peterson

  • Real estate market report for South East Oak Park

    Real estate market report for South East Oak Park

    In South East Oak Park, the real estate market is currently vibrant and decidedly in favor of sellers. There are nine homes listed for sale, including single family homes, condos, townhouses and two flats, boasting an average price of $492,000.   Overall in Oak Park, there are currently 107 homes for sale including single family homes,…

  • December RBO Meeting

    December RBO Meeting

    A great way to keep up on public safety issues in SEOP is to attend the monthly Virtual Beat Meeting held the second Tuesday of every month, organized by the Oak Park Police Department’s Resident Beat program. At the December meeting, Officer Locke reviewed the crime statistics for November and the following is a summary…

  • Neighbor reactions to speed bumps

    Neighbor reactions to speed bumps

    If you live in South East Oak Park (or any other OP area), you’ve experienced an increase in speeding, careless and aggressive driving over the past few years. Residents of several blocks have been petitioning the Village for speed bumps on their blocks to try to slow down cars. In mid-November the Village installed speed…