December RBO Meeting

A great way to keep up on public safety issues in SEOP is to attend the monthly Virtual Beat Meeting held the second Tuesday of every month, organized by the Oak Park Police Department’s Resident Beat program. At the December meeting, Officer Locke reviewed the crime statistics for November and the following is a summary of what was discussed.

November 2023 Crime Stats Zone 7/8

Homicide -0
Robbery -2
Assault/Battery -2
Burglary -5
Theft -13
Motor Vehicle Theft -3

Topics Discussed

Officer Locke shared the screen on the Village of Oak Park website and discussed crime prevention tips related to package thefts.

Officer Locke also shared the screen and showed the Oak Park Police Department’s package theft prevention video.
The Police Department encourages residents to call in and report any suspicious activity.
The next Zone 7/8 Virtual Beat Meeting will be Tuesday January 9th 2024 at 7:00pm