Board Members

SEOPCO Board Members are volunteers that are interested in creating and maintaining a vibrant and attractive neighborhood.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member please email us at

Vic Guarino – 1100 block of S. Scoville

Talley Hann – 1000 block of S. Cuyler

Stuart Barnes Jamieson – 1000 block of S. Ridgeland

Bob Kane – 1100 block of S. Gunderson

Jim Peterson – 1100 block of S. Lombard

Joshua Ridenour – 1100 block of S. Humphrey

Cheryl Wisniewski – 100 block of Harrison

Cory Wesley – 1000 block of S. Lombard

Juliet Yera – 1150 block of S. Lombard


L-R, Cory Wesley, Stuart Jamieson, Bob Kane, Joshua Ridenour, Jessica Flannery, Victor Guarino, Talley Hann, Jim Kelly, Jim Peterson; not pictured, Juliet Yera