I-290: Time to Act

SEOPCO wants to empower you to take action on this important issue that will negatively affect our community. The proposed I-290 expansion WILL create more air pollution, noise pollution, visual blight, and lower our property values. It WILL NOT solve highway congestion or safety concerns. You have only until November 7th to voice your concerns to IDOT.

The Issues:

1. Congestion Remains the Same: Currently I-290 is congested 17 hours per day. The proposed expansion may decrease congestion to 16.5 hours per day.

2. The Myth of the Left Side Ramp: The most crashes occurred near Mannheim Road, Halsted Street, and Central Avenue from 2006 to 2008. Harlem Avenue and 25th Avenue follow in number. All but Harlem Avenue have right side ramps. IDOT’s own data does not show the role of the ramp configuration to the number of crashes.

3. More Dangerous for Drivers: Half of the highway lanes will be reduced from the recommended 12 feet to 11 feet in some places. Eleven foot lanes can cause unsafe driving conditions, which would increase the chances of crashes, and therefore increase highway congestion.

4. Big Big Money: IDOT has not provided a cost estimate for this project. Similar projects are in the $1 billion range.

5. Quality of Life: New elevated right side ramps will be higher than our homes, increasing air, noise, and visual pollution in our neighborhood.

6. Provide Real Alternatives: IDOT is repackaging the same road expansion into four separate “alternatives”. People need real transportation alternatives like CTA and Metra expansion, buses, transit-oriented development, and intermodal facilities.

7. Community Concerns: IDOT has not considered environmental, economic, financial, and social justice criteria on how this construction project will affect Oak Park and other west side communities.

Now is the time to act! You can help stop the I-290 boondoggle. Submit comments today at


If you would like to help more with SEOPCO on this issue, please contact Michele Gurgas at