SEOPCO Updates its Mission

At the 2012 SEOPCO annual meeting, the Board of Director’s adopted a new mission statement and set of cultural beliefs to guide the organization’s work as it heads into the its tenth year. This new language creates a strong foundation for the activities and issues that SEOPCO will engage in over the next several years. We are excited to have this updated vision in place and will regularly draw on this set of values as we look to make South East Oak Park all that it can be!



To create a positive identity for South East Oak Park and to empower its citizens to act on behalf of their neighborhood




PUBLIC SAFETY – an open community where everyone feels safe and respected.


TRANSPORTATION – a walkable community sustainably connected to the world.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING – a prosperous community where people invest their time, energy and talents.


COMMUNITY PRIDE AND OUTREACH – a unique and diverse community where residents are connected to each other and to a larger purpose.


CIVIC ENGAGEMENT – a resilient community able to respond to change.